aAWOL Bush

Одна из кличек президента США Джорджа Буша (подробнее см. список кличек ниже)
Dubya — From the Texan pronunciation of 'W', this originated as a family nickname to distinguish him from his father
43 or Bush 43, Bush the Younger, Bush II, and Bush fils — All used to distinguish George W. Bush from George H.W. Bush
Bushie — Also used to refer to wife Laura
The Shrub or simply Shrub — Coined by Molly Ivins. Bush Junior is notably smaller than his father, and a little bush is a shrub.
Temporary — Bush's nickname in Skull and Bones, never altered by Bush
King George (II) — Based on comparisons to George III of the United Kingdom, who is often known to Americans simply as "King George" for his association with the American Revolution. The "II" may refer either to Bush's being a successor (though not directly) to a father with the same name (the "first George") or to a misconception that George III was the first English king with that name, thus making Bush the "second."
Uncurious George or Incurious George or Spurious George — Comparing him with the monkey character Curious George
AWOL Bush — Often rendered as aWol Bush: referring to an alleged period of unauthorized leave of absence by Bush during his Vietnam War service in the Texas National Guard
The Decider and The Decider-In-Chief — Bush said "I'm the decider" in remarks about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on April 18, 2006
The Commander Guy — Bush gave himself this nickname on May 2, 2007, saying "My position is clear — I'm the commander guy."
Resident Bush
The Leaker-in-Chief — In April, 2006, former White House official Lewis Libby claimed that President Bush had authorized him to leak from an intelligence document about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
The Velcro President — A contrast to the "Teflon" nicknames given to Reagan and Clinton; most scandals appear to "stick" to Bush.

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